Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No inconveniences please

The CEO BP the other day said he just wanted his life back. Please everyone who will forever be affected by the negligence and errors of my company, but all of your criticism is not good for my day to day well being.  

Sadly, I think this is how all of us operate. Maybe most of us if I'm being generous.  We really don't care what else is happening in the world as long as I get to do my thing.  We don't get out of our comfort zones because it would be too tough. We don't serve others because it would take too much time.  We don't like people cutting in front of us in traffic, or even traffic because it impinges on my desires right now.  

It's easy to point our fingers at the entitled and uber wealthy. I just need to keep looking back at my own life and remember. I'm not really any better. Christ is. 

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