Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Not long ago I wrote about being in God's creation and the affect that has on us.  How it reconnects us with His presence. How it demonstrates His creative power, and how awe of God restores us to right relationship with him.  Well this last week we went on a retreat at a beautiful conference center right on Lake Geneva.  Beautiful weather, perfect water and lot's of green. The perfect retreat.

Interestingly, we also talked about going on the offensive. About bringing the message of redemption and hope to a dark and overwhelmed world.  I think more than just being able to escape from the day to day, that is really the point of a retreat.  

In battle a retreat is strategic.  Things aren't working, we are overwhelmed, we are losing our position and ourselves.  So we take a step back.  Reorganize, re-prioritize and once settled re-deploy.  I usually think of a retreat as a diversion from the day to day.  But this year, I saw it as a call to renewed purpose.  It was an important lesson. 

Thanks be to God, who leads us in his triumph! thanks be to God who's got the victory!

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