Friday, October 14, 2011


A while ago I had a plan.  I am hereby continuing with said plan.

On Sin and hard Heartedness

So this was taken from Mike Dunigan a student at COD. Sin is like the rain on the windshield of your car.  If there is a ton of it the more that piles on you don't really even notice.  It's not until the windshield is wiped clean that you notice how bad and distorted things were. Once you do wipe the glass clean you notice each drop and each speck land and unless you keep wiping it clean you end up with a blurry distorted view.  In the same way we need to keep coming to God for forgiveness, we need to keep coming to him to be made clean and also to have our vision cleared up and hearts aligned to His over and over again.

On Purity

Typically people don't get why God needs complete Holiness, why can't he just accept us as we are?  Why do we need to be changed?  Why does our sin need to be dealt with, why does God demand perfect perfection?

A helpful illustration is this:  Imagine a batch of brownies perfectly baked. crisply edges moist and chewy.  Now imagine being told there is a little bit of poop in those brownies.

Just a little.  

Do you really need complete perfection?  Isnt' that being unreasonable? That standard too high?  Oh you don't think so...  God demands perfection in all things.

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