Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I must not have had a single thought for the last 7 months.  At least nothing that moved me to write here.  Or more accurately (I hope) is that without a place to collect and capture the thoughts we have, a journal, a sermon library or something, all our thoughts, all our insights all that inspiration disappears.  It is forgotten.  It loses it's power.

I assume this helps us see why Scripture is so important.  God's Word needed to be recorded written down because if it wasn't future generations wouldn't have the benefit of seeing Jesus. We wouldn't be moved and inspired.  We would have forgotten our calling.

It's also interesting that it wasn't written down right away.  When Jesus fed the 5000 or healed the blind people who saw it didn't feel the need to write it down.  It wasn't that second of inspiration you get from a dream.  It wasn't that connection that made sense of the relationship between God's grace and our call to unconditionally forgive.  Experiences of Jesus were like the moment your baby was born. So powerful and transformational that for me to put it into words wouldn't help me recall it.  It wouldn't help me re-experience that day. The experience is always there.  I have no fear that it will be forgotten. No fear it will lose it's power.  But if I want these stories to live on I just may write them down.  

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it. If I'm looking to be more consistent here those stories could be helpful....

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