Friday, November 20, 2009

Cuse Hoops

Friday's are going to be a break from the routine. Fun Friday's if you will. For me fun usually comes in the form of sports. So to let you know I'm a Big Syracuse University fan. I even cheer for the football team. Seriously. Anyway I just want to highlight Scoop Jardine's 22 pt 6 assist performance off the bench in Syracuse's 95-73 upset of the #13 Cal Bears. On the menu tonight UNC Tar Heels, Yum.

What I love about sports is the beginning of the season. The hopes and dreams of every team. Every team I've ever been on has always had the belief that we would be amazing and make a run toward the championship. From little league to my High School Soccer and basketball teams, to each and every SU basketball team; hope springs eternal.

Sometimes I think why God has brought about so many different works in his redemptive drama. From Creation to Noah, to Abraham and the covenant with Israel, to the times of the Judges, Kings, Jeremiah and the Jews return to Israel, and especially to Jesus ushering in of a new covenant with humanity. God continually used new means and new "era's" to accomplish his work. He knows how we work and wants to present us with a clean slate, a new beginning over and over again. That's the Gospel in a nutshell. The old is gone the new is come. The sins of the past are forgiven, now we can strive to live for Christ and simply look ahead. This is the day that we are faithful. Here is our chance to be amazing, inspiring, perfect, winners. If we don't have this view we are in trouble, and bound to fail. So let's hope, let's dream, let's do this knowing that we can in Christ.

Oh yeah and let's beat those arrogant bums from Chapel Hill.

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