Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods: Not perfect ?!?!

This past week the world has watched in fascination as Tiger Woods perfect image has come into question.  Everyone wants to know what happened.  What are the real problems at the root of this incident, who is to blame? There are rumors swirling to the point where even if we did hear the truth many would not believer it over their own construed reality.  There are lots of things that are intriguing about this debacle, but the question that keeps coming to my mind is why are we so intrigued? Why do people feel they need to get to the bottom of this? 

I think a big reason so many people have been drawn into this story is that Tiger and his wife Elin seem so perfect, so clean cut.  I mean, look at them over there.  They certainly look perfect.  Tiger has carved out this perfect image as if he has everything together.  He is the ultimate competitor, the pinnacle of his sport.  He went to Stanford.  I could probably spend a lot more time talking about his feats and accomplishments painting the picture of perfection, but it wouldn't matter.  In one feel swoop Tiger's perfection came crashing (pun intended) down.  If that didn't convince you, he even admitted not being perfect in his public statement.  No one is perfect. 

 In this world the only thing we love more than watching people rise to the top is when they fall, and fall hard.  We like people who seemingly have everything making mistakes because it makes us feel better about our situation.  We think if we were only in their situation we wouldn't do the dumb things they do. We wouldn't make the mistakes they make.  We pass off our sins as more the result of our situation than of ourselves.  The reality is we would still be sinners no matter what great fortune or amazing abilities we might have.  We are flawed. No one is perfect. No one is perfect except Jesus, that is.

It's almost Christmas. a time to celebrate the Perfect Son of God coming into the world to live a perfect life so that we might benefit from his righteousness.  So instead of worrying about Tiger and what his sin might be or what struggles his family might have, instead I suggest we hope in the One who never sinned.  I know it is hard to believe that someone could live life and never sin.  I have friends for whom that is a major stumbling block...but from Scripture we understand that sin is the cause of death.  So Jesus' resurrection is proof that he was sinless, because death could not conquer someone who was sinless.  Fortunately, Jesus is able to cover us all with his holiness and goodness and our sin is done away with.  We too can conquer sin and death because of what Christ accomplished in his death and resurrection. 

So whether you are awesome like Tiger Woods or just a regular guy like me, take this Christmas season to be fascinated by the one who truly is perfect.

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