Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Tunes Be Thankful

So It's Tuesday a day I'll regularly taking a look at music. New and old, fast and slow, Christian and Non-Christian plain old music.  Hopefully all good stuff so that people actually want to listen.  Anyway I was thinking about thanksgiving songs and the main ones that I know of are by Arlo Guthrie, Alice's Restaurant and Adam Sandler, The Thanksgiving Song.  But this year I stumbled upon this song by Natalie Cole, Be Thankful.  My favorite part is in the chorus it goes,

"Rollin' over, seein' my baby's eyes, uh
Is enough to say, "I thank you, Lord""

There are a lot of reasons to say thanks to God and my wife is certainly one of theme, especially in the AM when I wake up see her smile even though she's the one who has been up feeding and changing Colette while I sleep.  Gotta love her. So I am thankful to Jesus for her.  Very thankful.

By the way Nate Dogg has his own Be Thankful song, it's on the Album Christmas on Death Row. Ah, rappers.

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