Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti: Help and Pray

Please Pray for Haiti.  You can watch for some video's at Talking Points Memo of the impact.    You can contribute with one of my favorite local ministries, Feed My Starving Children.  You can pray with our denomination the EFCA these prayers:

Praise God that church planter Pastor Absalon and his wife are alive. Pray for the leaders and members of the EFC church plant in Haiti as they serve in the midst of this crisis. Please pray for:

- the people of Haiti as they experience loss, pain and death.

- the Crisis Response team as they determine how God would have the EFCA respond.... See More

Pray that God would move in this crisis and that people would come to know and trust Him.

Pastor Absalon was missing for a while after the earthquake, another Haitian Chicago Pastor flew into Port Au Prince half an hour before the quake hit.  Please pray for Franco Valdemar as he is ok, but overwhelmed and not able to contact his family in the states with any regularity.

In all of this let's keep our hearts focused on Haiti and what we can do. I'm saddened that the focus of the media has turned away from Haiti and towards Pat Robertson's statements.  I'm also saddened by those statements.

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