Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Multiculturalism in the Church

Okay So I was reading this encouraging article in Time about the growing multiculturalism in the largest churches in the US and how this particular phenomena is more likely to happen in the evangelical churches.  There are a growing number of church plants that are intentionally multiethnic and things are moving a new and better direction.  But I want to challenge some white folks to be the ones to make the move first.  So far all the big white churches try to get minorities to come to them.  Why can't there be more white people who go to predominantly hispanic, black or asian churches?  People in my church, often are confronted by people who attend mildly diverse churches who ask them if an ethnic church is Biblical.  If people feel this strongly about these things, why don't they go to a church that is ethnic and help them make this transition.  Help them break down their prejudices be the welcoming "other" face that greets others who come into the church. 
Instead we stay where it's safe.  We ask people to come to us and never face the difficulty that minorities feel each and every day.  C'mon church, let's break down some walls.

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