Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It goes quickly.  I have had many blog ideas over the last week.  I just haven't had the time to put them on this here blog.  Going back to the early blogs I linked to an article that talked about the best blogs and how they are focused on one category. I immediately abdicated focus in order to entertain my own whims and desires and directions.  The second key to a good blog is longevity, regular updates in order to build a lasting and trusting relationship with those who follow your blog.  This month I've now realized I need to give that goal up as well.  It's true this blog could be more and better if I were more dedicated, but I have a higher calling than the likes of you dear reader.  I have to care for the church God has put me in and I have a little thing called a family as well.  So, yeah, I really enjoy the blog, but it's likely not going to be as regular as I intended, or hoped.  But I will continue to think and reflect here for your enjoyment and entertainment.  Or at least for my own.  Until next time.

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