Thursday, December 17, 2009

Choosing the Sex of your Child?

On CNN there was this article and video about new technology being developed that would allow people to choose the sex of their child.  It was designed with the thinking that there are some fatal and debilitating genetic traits that are gender specific.  There aren't a whole lot of these but for those with the trait the thinking was to spare parents fear, heartbreak and the children difficulties at some point in life. 

Of course, if there is a technology and a desire we are going to look for ways to profit from it.  So now the questions of is it moral for people to choose the sex of their kids?  Can we allow families to get the boy or girl to "complete"  their family?  Is it alright for people who want only boys to ensure that's what they get?  Are reproductive desires our right, and can we determine, when how many, and which kind we prefer. Or should there be some restraint in these matters?  Who decides?  What do we think?

I was actually surprised by some of the representatives from certain countries that said they felt it was wrong.  I was surprised by others that come from more "conservative" nations saying it was ok, and I was really impressed by the Chinese guys response.  Praise God for the Church in China and the influence he may soon wield in a very important country in the future.

The thing that is scariest, all these science fiction works like Gattaca predicted genetic favoritism and priority, there are works about body part harvesting, which may be happening in China.  Be afraid of China, with the power it is gaining and the power Satan currently has in that system.  These are all very important ethical questions.

So let me pose the question.  Would you choose the sex of your child if you could?  What if there was a genetic predisposition to a gender of the child? 

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