Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger, Moby, and the Rest of Us

I'm gonna ask you to look away
I love my hands but it hurts to pray
The life I have isn't what I'd seen
The sky is not blue and the field is not green

Wait for me (8x)


I'm gonna ask you to look away
My broken life will never stay
Try too hard and I always lack
Days are grey and the nights are black

Wait for me (7x)

Moby's latest album with the same title as the song.  Is a haunting soulful song of sorrow and dissappointment.  It is from the perspective of someone who is ashamed of what their life has become.  They are broken and hurting.  They just want some time to put things back together to show you that they can be more than they are, they can be better.  It's just gonna take some time. 

I think Tiger definitely feels this way.  He's worked hard to put on the perfect show, to have us think that he's the model golfer, a paragon of class, and not a John Daly.  Now things are spinning out of control, he delayed any statement, any explanation.  He's still not speaking as everyone jumps on the trainwreck bandwagon.  He just wants us all to give him some space, some time. 

 The reality is we all feel like this at times. Our lives aren't as glorious and perfect as we dreamed when as when we 1) Graduated 2) Got Married 3) Started our Careers, whatever.  Our lives our broken, but we want to fix them.  We feel like we can, we must, but as we look around all our efforts haven't got us where we want to be.  We've had some success, but often at the expense of other areas we'd really like to excel at.

It's from this reality that the Gospel makes sense.  Where the message of Jesus really is good news.  The Gospel says that we are all sinners.  That we are often our own worse enemies, that our lives are broken and hurting because of the choices we make, and to an extent the choices that others around us make. But the Gospel is that in Christ we can be new people.  That he will bring about the change in us that we haven't been able to bring about on our own.  My prayer for Tiger is that he won't just feel bad, but that he'll understand his need to give up some control in order to have true healing in his life.  That's my prayer for us all, my stubborn self included. 

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