Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shame on Me

I wrote earlier about how astonishingly old I am getting and that one of the main reasons I am getting old is I don't really listen to music anymore.  So today I was looking back at some music that came out in 2009 and noticed that I had missed some other really old guys coming out with another album, and I didn't even know about it.  The Band:  U2.  Now I could roll out the excuses, primarily that I was in India when it happened and that they didn't really promote the album before and that I'm uber busy and whatnot.  But instead I have decided to admit I'm old and that I'd given up on continued transformation, and inspiration.  Now that I'm doing this blog I've recommitted to get younger, to listen to music and to allow the sounds of today inform my understanding of God's creation and to continue growing as a person and christian and pastor.  So for your listening pleasure something Magnificent.

As I think about faith and life the above story is played out all too often.  No matter who we are we get satisfied with the thoughts and beliefs and feelings that we have.  We stop listening to other people, we stop learning we become old and stale and make excuses to instead position ourselves as "timeless" or "strong", or "certain" or enlightened.  But the reality is we become closed, Christians and nonchristians, conservatives and liberals, everyone.  We only listen to and read things that confirm our beliefs or hopes or perspectives and dismiss out of hand things we don't agree with.  That's dangerous.  That's what happened with the Phairisees, and can happen with all of us.  So we need to understand that while God's word is true it should always be asking us to change, always be making us look for ways that we fall short of God's perfection and in reading his word openly we'll be transformed into something magnificent.

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