Monday, December 7, 2009

Mainline Morality

So the Mainstream church in America is dying quickly.  In large part due to their desire to reflect and confirm the values of the culture. In particular, the mainstream church has put cultural values over Biblical ones. The Evangelical Lutheran Church became the latest mainline denomination to further embrace the homosexual agenda.  In August they voted to call homosexual pastors in committed monogamous relationships.  This week their bishop actually spoke to the reason they have adopted this position and why so many conservative denominations condemn this move (Hint: It's not because we think homosexuality is a particularly evil sin).  Basically Bishop Hanson said the Bible doesn't understand this issue as well as we do so I'm gonna go with my beliefs rather than God's word.  Oh yeah, plus if we do this we might be able to see some growth and stem the flood of people from our Church.  People probably aren't leaving because we don't really care what the Bible says, it's prolly cause we aren't gay friendly.

The Anglican Church which started this whole movement hasn't found that to be the case at all. Many churches have left, other denominations have formed in response, still others are under the leadership of the Nigerian Bishop rather than the American one.  The Episcopal church is rife with division and anger. Yet despite the Archbishop of Canterbury (the "Pope" of the Anglican church) saying that those who want to push this agenda ahead must show restraint in light of the deep divide, the American Anglican's are once again appointing a gay bishop to the consternation of the rest of the global "communion."  This is arrogance, plain and simple.  I guess that's what makes us American. Or something.

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